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Founders desk – By Trushali Fadale

The only nail academy in India that provides education and professional ideas along with a complete setup to run a nail business successfully.

We understand the needs of the salons and academies that run the nail business, with expert teams on the panel; We are aware of the current nail market trends and needs. And we believe in delivering the same in this industry.

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the Avika’s Fairy Nail’s website, which is a renowned organization for educational development in nail art and nail extensions.

As the Director of the School of Nail Art, I would like to state that our goal is a unique organization committed to the development of creativity and innovation: by disseminating knowledge on the basic principles of quality, accessibility, impact and relevance.

We all know that we are living in a rapidly changing world, in a changing society, making rapid progress, the impact of science, scientific research, the development of technology, globalization is vital and inevitable in our daily lives, so we need to be prepared.

Because tomorrow is bigger than ever. The opportunities in front of us are endless and the task is difficult.

Through our training courses we ensure that nail aspirants are perfected with the service they provide to their clients in the workplace. We give our students guaranteed jobs. In-depth practice on nails involves building a broad base of teaching methods, skills, and training in academic administration, as well as practicing with professional tools and essentials that prepare students for their journey to a professional nail artist. A sense of originality and self-respect is achieved only through hard work. Hard work is not an option.

Only those who work hard succeed. He can never come out with flying colors unless the student has worked really hard throughout the learning process. According to Albert Schweitzer, “If a person likes what he is doing, he will succeed.” “For every one of us who succeeds, because there is someone to show you the way out” We are one of them.

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